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Ken Berry & Chris Knobbe. Ancestral foods were free of seed oils

Dr Knobbe: 99.7% of allopathically
trained medical doctors do not
have a clue
-about ancestral eating
-processed foods are driver of all
modern chronic disease
“They were not trained this way”

With a little anthropology
training, doctors would realize
-diet we’ve eaten for 3.5m years
-that is important

Question: dry eyes cure?
-I had dry eyes for years
-in 2014 I began eating paleo
-when I ate liver, my eyes began
to get well
-most people: vitamin A deficient
-critical for your immune response
Eating meat, organs, butter &
animal fats, eggs…you are getting
vitamin A even without liver

By 2005: 86% of added fat came from vegetable oils
[seed oils, highly processed factory omega 6, ALA oils] -2010: 32% of TOTAL CALORIES are SEED OILS
“Greatest change in diet for mankind in history”

Before 1910 humans ate virtually NO vegetable oils!
Now 86% + of our oils come from factories
the MUST BE REFINED IN oil refineries!


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