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presents episode 363 | Dr Ken Berry
KenBerryMD Youtube podcast

Recurrent plantar fasciitis episodes, or chronic pain…
-root cause
1. glycation of the hemoglobin in the red blood cells
Hemoglobin A1C test
-leads to glycation of every other
tissue in your body, including,
-caused by eating too many

2. chronic inappropriate inflammation
-also caused by eating too
many carbs & vegetable oils

3. decrease in appropriate growth factors & repair factors
-that your body should be
secreting around plantar facia
-poor diet prevents your body
from secreting these factors

4. not eating the building blocks of collagen, fibrin, connectin
-and all the connective tissue that
makes up fascia
-therefore it is weak

“In my first decade as family doctor, I did not know about…
-these root causes
-that I could have said: just change your diet and your
plantar fasciitis will go away”

There are steps you can take to
have your plantar fasciitis go
away and never return

-stop eating & drinking all the sugar
-stop eating grains (wheat, rice, oats, corn)
all of these cause glycation &
chronic inappropriate inflammation
all over your body
-elevated insulin keeps you from
producing the growth & repair
factors needed to prevent
plantar fasciitis

“If you are avoiding eating eggs and meat because you
think they are unhealthy,
-you are not eating the building blocks for collagen &
the other connecting tissues
that make up a strong, robust
plantar fascia”

If you have chronic plantar fasciitis…
do not take anti-inflammatory medications long term
-they have many negative side effects
-do not take steroids long term
-do not have surgery!
(until first trying dietary changes
for 90 days)

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