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KEN BERRY 2 | Our ancestors were super carnivores! Ate megafauna-transformed them into homo sapiens
presents episode 571 | Dr Sarah Zaldivar, certified nutritionist
Dr Sarah Zaldivar podcast

About 12k years ago a catastrophic event…
-wiped out mega fauna (enormous animals)
-had to start farming plants to survive
-In North America there were camels, horses
~multiple species of bison, large armadillos
-endurance hunting allowed them to be
caught (they could not run full speed while panting)
-people who advocate for plant-based diet are earnest
“Doctors get zero training in archeology & paleoanthropology.
As a medical doctor, I was deficient in nutrition understanding
until I researched paleopathology & paleoanthropology”

We are supercarnivores…
-majority of our daily diet needs to be
fatty meat & eggs with yolk
-that enabled us to become homo sapiens
-gave us access to omega 3 fatty acids
(many of us are poor at converting ALA into DHA)
“DHA is essential for our brain growth, even:
~for the mother before pregnancy
~before birth
~while breast feeding and in childhood development”
Must have adequate DHA throughout that span to avoid lower IQ

Humans must have DHA in diet…
-some of us can convert ALA
(found in plant foods) into DHA & EPA
~if eating pounds of that each day
“But it is known that many humans are very
poor converters, so you can:
-eat 5 pounds of greens & 2 pounds of nuts
-get all those carbs
-get all those antinutrients (lectins, phytates, oxalates)
-and all that inflammation
Or, eat pastured eggs; seafood (richest source); meat organs…
“You will get plenty of DHA”


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