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presents episode 526 | Dr Ken Berry
KenDBerryMD podcast

In this Plos One paper, the study used
hemoglobin a1c levels as a marker
for insulin resistance (hyperinsulinemia)
-those who took metformin had a
drastice reduction in pain scores
-from 6 or 8 down to 0 or .5
on 10 point scale
-direct correlation between elevated a1c and
fibromyalgia symptoms

If suffering from fibromyalgia…
-see your doctor and check
~hemoglobin a1c
~fasting insulin
-will tell you degree of insulin resistance
-also: pre-diabetes or undiagnosed
type 2 diabetes
-ask for prescription for glucophage (metformin) 500 mg twice a day
“This is not the long term solution, but could lead to drastic reduction
of your symptoms”

Realize that the diet that causes high
glucose & insulin is a high carb diet
~leads to insulin resistance
Adopt a low carb diet
-total carbs under 50g a day
~low carb; Banting; ketogenic; carnivore
These will immediately begin to lower glucose and insulin levels
-reduce insulin resistance
-which is the root cause of fibromyalgia
-may need to increase magnesium through diet or supplements


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