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KEN BERRY 1a | BANANA: sucrose 4.2g glucose 5.6g fructose 6.1g
presents episode 532 | Dr Ken Berry
KenDBerryMD podcast

Dr Ken Berry: virtually every fruit on
the planet contains fructose, AND
-sucrose (table sugar) & glucose
-from USDA food database
-average size & ripeness

Banana (100g or 3.3 oz)
sucrose 4.2g
glucose 5.6g
fructose 6.1g

“People will tell diabetics:
won’t raise blood sugar!”

Seedless grapes (100g or 3.3 oz)
sucrose less than.3g
glucose 7.5g
fructose 8.7g

“Glucose will spike your blood
sugar and your insulin”

Apple (100g or 3.3 oz)
sucrose 2.1g
glucose 2.0g
fructose 7.8g

Navel orange (100g or 3.3 oz)
sucrose 4.2g
glucose 2.0g
fructose 2.4g

Mango (100g or 3.3 oz)
sucrose 7.0g
glucose 2.0g
fructose 4.7g

Dr Ken Berry:
These are not the highest sugar-containing
I picked these 5 because they are very
popular worldwide


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