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KEN BERRY 1 | FIBROMYALGIA CURE FOUND (then squashed by feds)
presents episode 525 | Dr Ken Berry
KenDBerryMD podcast

Over 10 million people in the USA…
-have fibromyalgia
-10 times more likely to attempt suicide
-due to severe pain & insomnia
-and depression
Many research papers have hinted at
the route cause and the potential cure
-but recently a serious paper stated it blatantly
-published in Plos One online journal:
“Is Insulin Resistance the Cause of Fibromyalgia?”
-peer-reviewed, publishers approved & released:
preliminary publication

Suddenly, after it was published…
-it was retracted!
Publisher said: “We think the retraction
was odd and it came as a surprise.
According to the journal, it was based
on the premise that we should have
obtained a IRB letter of exclusion
before we collected research data,
not after.
Neither we, nor the academic editors were aware of such regulations.
-similar retrospective studies abound in the literature without IRB
Dr Berry: They made up a reason to retract this paper

Lead author: we suspect outside
interests pressured the journal
“complaints from Big Pharma?”
-Dr Miguel Pappolla
-imagine if every person in the US that
suffers from fibromyalgia simply stops
eating foods that contribute to the
root cause (insulin resistance)
-adopted a low-carb diet
-symptoms improved so much, they no longer needed their meds!
-Big Pharma and Big Food would lose billions of dollars


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