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KAI SIGEL | TENDON PAIN: 3-heavy, slow lifts. 4-pump shoulder. 5-ulnar glides
presents episode 1035 | Kai Sigel
Physiotutors podcast

3-Early rehabilitation
-slow & heavy resistance training
-for wrist flexors: dumbbell curls
-weight that can be curled with
tolerable pain 5 to 15 reps
-SLOW [3+ secs UP; 3+ secs DN] -3+ sets every other day
“Personally, I prefer 3+ sets DAILY”

[low carb, non-inflamed: daily should work]

Increase sets, reps, weight over time

Also target pronator teres
[helps forearm pronate] -head-heavy object:
-hammer, broom, racquet
-3+ sets 5 to 15 reps
[3+ sec UP & 3+ sec DN]

Increase sets, reps, weight over time

4-Target shoulder
-2 studies: shoulder external rotation,
extension & abduction peak
torques decreased with golfer’s
& tennis elbow
-If shoulders not able to absorb load
during overhead & racquet sports
so: include shoulder external rotation
–cable pulls; lat raises; pull-overs

5-Ulnar glides: ulnar neuritis in
up to 50% of golfer’s elbow
-perform ulnar nerve sliders &
-start with sliders
-abduct shoulder,
extend wrist & finger;
pronate forearm;
flex elbow
bring hand, neck, head together

5-Ulnar glides: ulnar neuritis in
up to 50% of golfer’s elbow
-perform ulnar nerve sliders &

ulnar nerve tensioner:
-same as slider, but head moves
away from hand
-10 to 20, several times a day; daily


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