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KAI SIGEL | TENDON PAIN: 1-cut fast/high loads 2-KT; accu; massage OK short term
presents episode 1034 | Kai Sigel
Physiotutors podcast

Tendons don’t get better by rest…
-perhaps with reactive tendinopathy
rest may help

[reactive tendinopathy:
non-inflammatory, short-term
response to injury or increased

Most overhead movement athletes
say: pain stopped, but started again
Tendon inflammation IS NOT CLASSIC TYPE
seen in other injuries…
Not able to change the pathological
part of the tendon
-treatment on the inflammation itself
or changing the pathological part of
the tendon won’t work

1-decrease high & fast load
[these make tendon store & release
energy QUICKLY–main drivers
behind tendon overload]

-why golfer’s elbow often seen in
athletes throwing, hitting, serving
a ball

Not necessary to stop all high & fast load activities…
SIMPLY reduce
-frequency; duration; reps/intensity
so that pain subsides within 24

“For me: I reduced playing days from
4 to 2 or 3; and not back-to-back.
And avoided serving.
-broke downward spiral
-pain became stable

2-Adjunctive options
-accupuncture, KT tape, massage
-may help relieve pain short term
-won’t increase tendon capacity
to bear load for long term
-ibuprophen good short term
-helps prevent swelling
-don’t use for more than 1-2 weeks


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