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Judy Cho 6 | Raw milk; probiotics? great if body not inflamed!
presents episode 728 | Judy Cho
Mikhaila Peterson podcast

Folate [vitamin B9]…
-needed if will be pregnant
-an essential vitamin
Chicken liver is higher than beef liver
-beef liver: 1 ounce = 20% RDA
-chicken liver: 1 ounce = 45%
“We don’t know what the ‘new normal’
is for carnivores”
-if not symptoms, does the RDA
-lamb & egg yolks have folate

Fellow nutritionist said her patient:
-took desiccated beef organ
-still had low folate, until:
-took methylated vitamin B

Histamines released by MCAS
[Mass Cell Activation Syndrome]…
[immune system response to
protect body] in CIRS:
-histamines are part of the
innate side of immune system
-histamine response to immune
system challenge is gene activation

Consuming meat & other foods that
are low in histamines…
you will feel fewer symptoms
“I hear: carnivore made my histamines
get worse”
-actually, your gene activation is now
more present
-noticing it more now due to
low inflammation
[no longer eating plants]

Question: raw milk?
“My sons drink it all the time”
-okay unless can’t tolerate any sugar
-good for gut health, unless
really permeable [due to lactose] If wanting to try it:
-start with 1 ounce a day
[only introduce raw milk, nothing else] -try for 3 to 5 days, check reactions

-beneficial today, given the toxins
in the foods we eat
-my most serious patients cannot
tolerate probiotics [even a little] -their immune system is so
heightened in sensitivity
When you can tolerate them:
-take high quality one
-if healthy on carnivore, once a year ok
-if unhealthy: try a dose of probiotics


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