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Judy Cho 5 | CIRS affects testosterone…aromatase converts it to estrogen!
presents episode 727 | Judy Cho
Mikhaila Peterson podcast

If your body is not being affected by
-plant toxins
-plant sensitivities
it should get stronger.
“I used to have seasonal allergies
when I was plant-based eating.
Now have ZERO”

“When dealing with toxins not in food,
that is why you are not getting
stronger immune system”
If carnivore…it could become a
‘bandaid’ for those with CIRS
[healing half the symptoms] My clients:
carnivore works to a point, then
must look further
-can stay carnivore, or ketovore
-or, carnivore + some plants

CIRS affects testosterone…
“If you think carnivore will ruin it;
eat sufficient fat will take care of it”
1-when CIRS comes into body, it
increases aromatase enzyme:
this will convert a lot of the
testosterone to estrogen
“How to tell if low-T due to diet or
to CIRS aromatase?”

“I have seen so much healing in my
sickest clients…
-they went from F to C in health
-now, after testing for CIRS are an A
client allergic to dairy
-Lion diet helped her a lot
-symptoms would return depending
on environment
Found it was CIRS
-doing the protocol for 9 months

-fix home so no water damage
-can tolerate any plants
-can eat dairy
-no longer needs sinus meds at night
Not done with whole protocol yet
-has taken the binders to cleanse
her body of biotoxins that caused
widespread inflammation

Question: Won’t toxin eventually
clear out on their own?
Not if you are part of the 20% that
have genetic susceptibility
-the adaptive side of immune system
“Most mold that we get sick from is
not the mildew water damage type.
It is when mold dries, milliois of
ultra small spores breach blood-brain barrier”


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