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Judy Cho 4 | Always thirsty?? online vision test for CIRS might help
presents episode 726 | Judy Cho
Mikhaila Peterson podcast

‘I can’t balance my electrolytes…’
-if don’t consume lots of glucose;
we have less water retention
“Perhaps electrolyte imbalance is
always an issue, carbs masks it,
but does NOT RESOLVE IT”
Example: in CIRS, with low MSH,
it affects antidiuretic hormone [ADH] [helps body hold onto water] -many carnivores always thirsty, ADH
pees it out, so never hydrated

Perhaps low MSH and low ADH is
the issue, not electrolyte imbalance
“Both my parents have good health now
but, if not on this strict animal diet,
they would be so sick”
-mom had lupus
-dad: severe depression, psoriasis, GERD
“Dad, has acute reaction to wrong food;
gets so thirsty!”

Big component of CIRS is how it
affects mental illness…
-affects blood-brain barrier
[becomes permeable] -many diagnosed as bi-polar
-blood tests on adaptive immune side
[the side that CIRS is not affecting] -Dr: ‘your CRP & insulin are good’
[on carnivore so markers are good] -Dr: ‘it is in your head’
-put on psych meds

Testing for CIRS for these patients,
-toxins are getting into brain
Best way to test: vision test
-contrast-sensitivity test
-gray squiggly lines, very faint
-if brain function is not optimal
you won’t see the faint lines
[$15 online test] IF FAIL TEST: 90% CHANCE OF CIRS

After failing test:
-cluster of symptoms most CIRS have
[carnivore will mask some] ‘I don’t have some of those
symptoms anymore’
“If you fail 8 of the 13 markers &
the vision test: 98% you have CIRS”

[search for ‘VCS test’]


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