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Judy Cho 3 | CIRS misdiagnosed 80% of time: multi-system; multi-symptom
presents episode 725 | Judy Cho
Mikhaila Peterson podcast

Toxins mostly from water-
damaged buildings…
“Some with long COVID may
actually have CIRS.
Their immune system is not able
to turn off that high level of

A lot of children present with
CIRMS symptoms…
-if BOTH parents have the gene
child’s chance is much higher
-some kids have the HLA and it
presents at a young age
-typical symptom:
they are always throwing up
-in elementary school, they have
-headaches or stomach aches
-more tired than typical

Over time your toxin bucketload
gets filled…
-get multi-system multi-symptoms
CIRS can be confusing:
-whole process occurs; affects
-adrenals, androgens, hormones
-sleep, pain
-people are often misdiagnosed:
-fibre myalgia; chronic fatigue

Key question for doctor: Why?
-why did this happen?
-if second diagnosis:
[study by Mayo Clinic] How to know your diagnosis is right?
In 2008 US GAO accepted that
CIRS is an illness. That mold from

Cytokines released,
-affecting leptin
-lots of leptin released making you fat

Cytokines released,
-affecting leptin
-lots of leptin released making you fat
-trying to release MSH
[melanocyte-stimulating hormone] “This is blocked, thus stimulating
the downstream symptoms
When we get sick from this, we
-produce a lot of cortisol
-affects or hypothalamus; hippocampus;
then our pituitary glands

Remember: the innate immune side
trying to tell adaptive side:
We need to resolve this!
-cortisol released to do this
-over time, nothing happens
-brain says, must shut down
-first hippocampus, the rest of
brain shuts down to protect body

When that shut down happens…
-then MSH reduces
-then downstream symptoms begin:
-hormones messed up
-chronic pain
-lack of sleep
-electrolyte imbalances


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