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Judy Cho 2 | We have 2 immune systems…trouble when they don’t communicate
presents episode 724 | Judy Cho
Mikhaila Peterson podcast

Private practice focusing on
root cause healing…
-at base line we use:
Carnivore Cure diet [Lion diet] -found that carnivore doesn’t
fix everything for everyone
“I thought that, since I had suffered
from mental illness & eating
disorders and it ALL RESOLVED”

Patients challenged me to think
-thought liver was the best for
“Realized carnivore doesn’t work
fully for everyone.
Fixes overall inflammation
for foods your body is
intolerant to”

CIRS [chronic inflammatory
response syndrome]…
-20% of people have different
genetic makeup
-chromosome 6, called HLA
[human leukocyte antigen] -affects your immune response to
-foods & environment

“If you have been meat-based for
6 months, begin adding in other
foods and it doesn’t work, then
carnivore is becoming a bandaid”
-it is an optimal diet, but
there is something else
-should look at environmental
toxins [one is related to CIRS]

Two sides to immune system:
-innate [basic, simple response] -adaptive
“When toxin enters & innate cannot
handle it, adaptive side is called
upon to respond”
-does this by releasing cytokines
-adaptive side will remove toxin
[normally] -the 20% of population cannot
do this trade off

Innate side gets inflamed…
-but adaptive side doesn’t know
When exposed to
-water-damaged building
-recluse spider bite
-Lyme disease
-the 20% doesn’t recognize &
remove it

Problem: over time…
-not the toxin itself
-it is the reaction of the
innate immune system
-that is the illness
We try to quell that
immune response
-specific binders can locate
and remove those toxins


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