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Judy Cho 1 | Plant-based 12 years: into mental hospitalNo one checked…“Is it the diet?”
presents episode 722 | Judy Cho
Mikhaila Peterson podcast

Judy Cho:
-board certified in wholistic nutrition
-management consultant 12 years
-plant-based diet 12 years
-became very, very depressed
“No one said it might be your diet”
Oldest son was 6 months old
-landed in mental hospital

Mikhaila Peterson:
How did you get off the
depression meds?
Judy Cho:
“While breastfeeding, I was put into
mandatory hold for 72 hours.
Forced to stop nursing.
Was on class C drugs.
Would ask friends, where is my
Became circular dialog.

“I was plant-based then.
Husband began son on soy-based
The antidepressant meds did not
work for me.
Went on the highest dose [300mg] They recommended antipsychotic
to add to it.
I lost my memory at that point.
The meds did not work.

Mikhaila Peterson:
-on carnivore diet 5 years
[Lion diet…ruminant meat only] -thought I would eventually be
able to re-introduce foods
-has not happened for me
“Before, when I tried non-meat
it would cripple me for a month”
-now it is not that bad, but
still something missing

2 years ago realized:
-have histamine intolerance
-began taking DAO enzyme
[diamine oxidase] -has been insanely effective!
-now can eat some aged meat
without reaction


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