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Jose Antonio: OUR ANCESTORS did not restrict their animal protein intake and their health was strong
presents episode 254:
Dr Jose Antonio
on March 2019
podcast with
Dr Shawn Baker

Prehistoric humans were nomadic…
-until 10,000 years ago
-looking for food every day
-most calorically-dense food is from animals:
~meat &
~basically protein & fat

Imagine, you have not consumed any food for…
-for a day or two;
-finally hunt down an animal
-but, there is a limit on protein in one sitting…

“Buddy says, 30 grams, that is all!
Then have to wait 4 hours…”

-Stupid! You would starve to death.”

2 ways to look at protein myths:
-evolution &

“The data is just not there to show that it causes
harm to healthy, exercising people”

My twin college freshmen daughters…
-know enough to eat a gram of protein daily
per pound of their body weight

*image from Friendstock