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Jose Antonio: BONE DENSITY: Impact training is critical & kids NEED PROTEIN!!
presents episode 255:
Dr Jose Antonio
on March 2019
podcast with
Dr Shawn Baker

We have DEXA scanned 200 to 300 athletes…
-guys with highest bone density:
-fighters and football players

“Impact is the key: so,
run & lift; run & lift”

-for lower extremities: running
-for upper extremities: lifting

DEXA scanning

clinical gold standard for measuring fat, muscle,
and bone density

For exercising adults:
-need to eat AT LEAST 2.2g protein
per kg ideal body weight
(1g per 1 pound ideal body weight)

Even people in my field, sports science & clinical nutrition…
-cannot believe I recommend this high amount

“This is what I have my kids do!
When they were little,
I wanted them to eat all this protein.”

Now, my kids are mature, their friends comment…
-barely touch protein because they were
told it is bad for you

“That is why this field is interesting…
people just make stuff up!”