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Jose Antonio: ANIMAL PROTEIN for training recovery; doesn’t promote excess glucose in athletes
presents episode 253:
Dr Jose Antonio
podcast with
Dr Shawn Baker

If you are training, you need protein to recover…
-from dietary protein
-NOT from carbs
-normal skeletal muscle cell turnover, will recover
-exercise-induced damage: needs added protein

Consuming protein, instead of carbs or fat, results in:
-better body composition
-may not increase lean body mass, but
-seems to promote decrement in fat mass

Due to:
1. thermic effect of protein is high
2. suppresses appetite
3. non-exercise activity thermogenesis

Argument: if eating high amount of protein, will…
-produce large amount of glucose

“But, we have measured, in guys eating
gargantuan amounts of protein…
their resting plasma glucose is fine”

-if anything, excess protein would just be oxidized
as fuel

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