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JORDAN PETERSON Part 1 | Charles Joseph:story of entering residential school | history |
presents episode 349 | Dr Jordan B Peterson
from the Jordan B Pederson Youtube podcast Nov 2021

Dr Jordan B Peterson interviews his long time friend,
Charles Joseph,
-Kwakwakw’wakw artist known for…
-masks, totem poles, canoes

Tells the story of his experience
in the
Residential School,
British Columbia,
from 5 to 13 years of age

My mother and father gave me to my great-great grandparents,
on my father’s side
-Residential School people grabbed me from the hospital
-I spoke no English
-I had chicken pox, measles,
and mumps one after the other
-put in incubator, no blankets
no toys
-young boy came into room
-stacked up books, climbed up &
tossed a toy into Joseph

Upon release, in waiting room waiting for grandparents…
-picked up by Residential School people
-could not speak English
-as soon as I entered the doors
~my life changed
-thrown to floor, cut hair
-took clothes off
-put in funny looking clothes
-shoes 4 times too big

Sat on bed, not sure what was going on…
-3:00 a bunch of kids came around, hanging on the bed
“What kind of hospital is this?
Why are they allowed to run
around, and I am not?”
-3 boys standing there…
~Listen you kid, listen you kid
-from that day, those 3 boys
became my best friends
-looked after each others’ backs

Taught me the ropes of the school, but not speaking English,
-still never caught on
-so, got whipped, strapped, thrown in closet quite a lot

You could smell all the good food being cooked,
-corn on the cob, roast beef
-but it wasn’t on your plate
-your porridge would be moving…
-same porridge from same pot
for several days until all gone
-lunch: moldy bread with
peanut butter & pickles
-no apples, oranges, or juice
just tap water

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This is an annotated edit of a portion of Dr Jordan Peterson’s
interview with Charles Joseph, Kwakwakw’wakw artist

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