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JORDAN PETERSON b | NO HUNGER…never cheat; cravings? eat some beef
presents episode 955 | Dr Jordan Peterson
Kent Carnivore Podcast

“I went from 212 pounds to 165,
exactly what I weighted at 23
& maintained that weight since”
-put on muscle mass, no problem
at 62 years old
-had peripheral uveitis–can
blind people–it disappeared
-gastric reflux disorder
-gum disease [incurable?] -linked to cardiovascular problems
Gone away 100%
Amazing to be in 60s & have
same body morphology as I had
when 23!
-had all disappeared in 50s
-I eat a lot of high fat meat
-can eat tomahawk steak, 35 oz,
in one sitting
-eat high fat carnivore snacks

“When ‘never hungry’, don’t cheat…
-when re-intro some carbs,
symptoms come back
-start craving carbs like mad
“I do better if just stick to beef”
-recently had terrible bout with
very sick health, so not inclined
to experiment
-beef works, why?
-perhaps, ruminants [beef, lamb] -process food so well, that
when done, it is ONLY MEAT

This is anecdotal…but
-after talking with 1000 people
-telling same anecdote,
These people show me picture of
what they looked like a year ago
-carrying around an extra person
-they are still shell-shocked by
their transformation…losing
150 pounds in a year [45kg]

Meat-based diet has been
rejuvenating for my wife and I…
-great effect on muscle tone
-wife better musculature at 60
than was at 40
-was physically fit & exercising
“To see that REVERSED, not just
stop deteriorating…
don’t know what to make of it”

Carnivore eating is not exactly
a ‘diet’…
-typical diet require privation
-continuous privation
-yoyo effect
Get into fight with hypothalamus
over hunger, YOU WILL LOSE
-it is there to make damn sure
you don’t starve!

If crave banana split…
-can eat 6 ounces of steak &
I don’t care
-in grocery store, if I am full on
meat…no temptation for sweets
-but, if hungry, it is pain in neck
My concentration when reading
was deteriorating…
-sort of glancing at words
-eating carnivore: reversed this
-can read faster now than in 20s

More stress-tolerant…
-able to bounce back from
stressors faster
-more stamina


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