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JORDAN PETERSON a | 5 years meat only: never hungry; restored health; depression gone!
presents episode 954 | Dr Jordan Peterson
Kent Carnivore Podcast

Thanks to Kent Carnivore’s excellently edited video
of Dr Jordan and Mikhaila’s journey so far in
the use of carnivore dieting
[Youtube channel: Kent Carnivore]

Jordan B Peterson, PhD…
-Never hungry
-food pyramid was a marketing
scheme by USDA
-told to eat high carbs
Carbs transmute into glucose
-we way too many carbs
Carbs still being pushed
-cheap; good tasting; portable

Daughter, Mikhaila, was ill with
plethora of immunological
-juvenile arthritis
-destroyed 2 joints
-38 others affects
-always in lots of pain
If arthritic people fasted, their
condition might disappear
Mikhaila began diet research

Mikhaila began elimination diet…
-tested; hyper-reactive to virtually
Mikhaila: dieted for non-depression
Decided on BEEF, non-aged…
-ALL immunological symptoms
-depression lifted in a few months

“My wife & I began same diet…
for 5 years eating only beef”
Radically effective as weight-loss
November 2021 study
Harvard, retrospective…
-carnivore for 6 months
Dr Mindy Pelz:
-69% improved chronic disease
-95% overall improvement
-85% mental clarity
meat, eggs, fish, dairy…


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