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JORDAN PETERSON 2 | Charles Joseph: punishment… 5 days in closet: dark & small
presents episode 352 | Dr Jordan Peterson interviews
Charles Joseph

Dr Peterson: you talked about the closet…
-for punishment, they would put you in a dark closet for 5 days
-cannot stand properly or lie down, so
-just sit there with your legs bent up to your chest
-when they pull you out of the closet, it is so bright…
-you black out
-when you wake up,
get kicked around,
“if you can’t do your
chores, you’ll go
back in”

Dr Peterson: you talked about the closet…
-you don’t know what your chores are because you were
blacked out when they told you what to do, so
-you get into more trouble

Dr Peterson: In for 9 years…
-what did you think about your family not being there?
-I thought,
“what did I do that was so wrong that they left me here?”
-when they came to visit, I saw the residential school police…
-take them to the
dock, told them:
“if you come again,
we will put you
in jail”
-they never came back

Before that, I blamed my grandparents & my dad…
-then I was helped by some of my relatives
-later, before the school closed, they hired native people
-but before that,
I wondered where they got all these mean people!
-and how could I
become like them…
-supposedly Christian,
but treat people
like that?

Dr Peterson: You told me about what was done with the bodies
& the incinerator at St Mikes…
-they would wrap the bodies up
-kids who has died of hepatitis C or tuberculosis
-put them into a huge incinerator
-fill it with paper,
-put wrapped child in
-make us light
the paper
-whole place would

Dr Peterson: Why would someone do these things?
“I’ve often wondered,
where does that much anger & pain come from?
“How come these people never got put into jail
for what they did?”

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This is an annotated edit of a portion of Dr Jordan Peterson’s
interview with Charles Joseph, Kwakwakw’wakw artist

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