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Jordan B Peterson: ONE MAN’S EXPERIENCE defeating autoimmune disease Part 3 of 3
presents episode 258:
Dr Jordan B Peterson
Joe Rogan podcast

Peterson: My daughter said: quit eating greens…
-I am 162 pounds
-I have gained musculature
-I can sleep 6 hours a night
-wake up in the morning, no problem
-easily recover from 15 minute nap

-I have had gum disease since I was 25
-had minor surgical interventions, scrapping

It is gone.
-dentist says: no inflammation!
-means the systemic inflammation

-you are not supposed to recover from gingivitis
-I lost 50 pounds
-appetite has fallen by 70%
-don’t get blood sugar disregulation problems
-need way less sleep
-get up in morning, less anxious
-no depression; no psoriasis

-numbness in legs is gone
-intellectually at my best at the moment
-can swim better

-blood work done?
-take vitamins?


-I eat beef, salt, water &
-never cheat, ever

“There is club soda; Perrier; flat & hot water”

Rogan: Last night I ate what you ate:
-giant tomahawk steak (I had wine)

-I’m curious about this

Peterson: Disclaimer #2: I am not recommending this diet
-Many, many people, on tour, come up to me:
“I follow your daughter’s blog &
I’ve lost 100 pounds in 6 months”

Peterson: Here is a question:
-why is everyone fat & stupid
(compared to our pioneer forebears)

-It is new, but not our sedentary lifestyle
-there is something wrong
with the way we are eating:
(too many carbs)

“remember, I am no expert!”