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JORDAN B PETERSON 2 | 12 Rules for Life BEYOND ORDER Part 2
presents episode 820 | Dr Jordan Peterson
Dave Rubin podcast

First book focuses on the consequences of excesses uncertainty
Second book focuses on the consequences of excesses of order

Order: where you find yourself when what you are doing produces the results you want
The place and time you occupy is where it is defined by your current goal

Order: you have a map, a value, that guides your actions in that domain
If get the goal and it is what you want it validates your theory of existence

Order: given that you don’t know everything, have to use proximal truths
If you make a bridge and it stands…you know how to make a bridge

We are like engineers…as long as our solutions work, we assume we are right

when something unexpected happens, emotions break loose…
fight or flight
becomes disinhibited, have to prepare for everything

hyper prepare
extremely stressful, but in small doses it is exhilarating
have the opportunity to learn

there is always an interplay between the domain of chaos and order
can each pathologize: uncertainty [chaos]: anxiety, nihilism, depression
Order: totalitarian


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