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JORDAN B PETERSON 1 | FOOD PYRAMID: “Worst health disaster of all time” presents episode 732 | Dr Jordan B PetersonJordan Peterson podcast

Dr Jordan B Peterson:
-obvious the last thing government
should do:
-regulate what foods we serve
“Meat has been deemed as
destroying the planet…
we are told to eat less”
‘Plants & bugs for you Peasants’

Is meat production unsustainable?
-what happened last time the
government told us
what to consume…
Food Pyramid!
-eat 6 to 11 servings of grains &
carbs a day!
[protein & fat to be eaten rarely] “That turned out to be not only
WRONG; but an veritable

The food pyramid, brought to us
by US Dept of Food & Ag [USDA]…
-tons of lobbying by companies
whose products would be

These dietary recommendations
of excess carbs…
-produced epidemics of
obesity & diabetes
“One of the worst public health
disasters OF ALL TIME”
-dooming the western world
with a lifetime of catastrophic
chronic health problems

42% of Americans are obese
-another almost equal % are
-one third are in early or advanced
stages of diabetes
-$1.7trillion spent annually in US
on chronic disease
to the top-down dietary guidelines
that set us on this carb-heavy


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