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JORDAN B PETERSON 1 | 12 Rules for Life BEYOND ORDER Part 1
presents episode 817 | Dr Jordan Peterson
Dave Rubin podcast

The patriarchy is a symbol that refers to the domain of order
the domain of order is protective, as well as, oppressive
When it degenerates, it becomes oppressive

It degenerates when it is based on power rather than competence
but, it can be based on competence

Marxist and politically correct types insist that
it is all power
NO…but when it degenerates that is true

The domain of order will be upheld by those who inhabit it
it is functional
if you have to use force, that indicates it has already become pathological

The antidote to chaos is not order; the antidote to order is not chaos
the antidote to both is the act of balancing them

The antidote is honest, active engagement with the world and truth motivated by love
Love is the desire for all things to flourish
Christ said, love your enemies; shouldn’t wish anyone harm

It would be better for everyone if they would conduct themselves so they would flourish

You orient yourself that way, requires courage,
because the world is so flawed, hard to fall in love with it

It is love first and truth serves that.
Love is the desire that beings flourish and truth serves that

Not in hatred or deceit, may be tempted, but
everyone is ashamed of that


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