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John Campbell with Michael Cohen

Dr John Campbell: vitamin D
-need relatively low dose for rickets
-higher and higher doses trigger genes
-and protein pathways that need it to
employ enzyme activity
-vitamin D receptors are in every cell
Dr Michael Cohen
-suggests they are immunomodulatory
-directing immune system to work better
Zinc had significant effects on viral

Don’t want zinc deficiency…
-studies show it improves immune
response to viral infections
-used daily in clinic
“As soon as you get a virus, take
50 mg zinc twice a day”
-knocks virus on its head in hours

Vitamin D needs to be metabolized…
-need significant levels, so take it a f
days to a few weeks ahead of viral risk
-don’t know when virus will hit, so
take high doses of D ongoing basis
Wait until get virus….too late
-even extremely high doses won’t work
-has to be metabolized by liver & kidneys
-it is switching genes on & off
takes time
-may have to wait for old cells to die
and new ones to take effect


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