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John Campbell: Vitamin D

Normal summer sunny day
produces 25k IU vitamin D
in our skin…
[current UK recommends 400] Research NIH
-1920s realized importance of
vitamin D for TB, psoriasis…
-gave doses 10x too high
-drove recommendations down

7 year study
-institutionalized patients
-closely monitored
-vitamin D is hormone
-from sun: 25k IU a day
“This is what we would make
if in the sun.
Much higher than most
think is typical”

Vitamin D deficiency is common
-lack of sun exposure
-low amounts in food
Deficiency strongly linked to
-immunity issues
-heart disease
-colon cancer + others

Many diseases dramatically
improve with increased
vitamin D
[either sun exposure or
with supplements] -asthma
-rheumatoid arthritis


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