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JOHN CAMPBELL B | HIGH VITAMIN D stops prostate cancer cells proliferating
presents episode 840 | Dr John Campbell
Dr John Campbell podcast

At 110 nmol/L of 25 OHD:
[44 ng/mL] -only 55% of death risk
[65% protective effect] How does it work?
-arrests cell growth
-induces apoptosis [cell death] -cell self-digests
“Increased by high vitamin D
in blood: malignant cells die”
-stops proliferation cancer cells
-protects prostate epithelial cells
from oxidative stress

Plausible biological mechanisms
for why high levels of vitamin D
in blood can work
“Reasonable assumption,
combined with empirical data”
-need to change medical
guidelines where prostate
cancer is #1 cancer in men

study recommends 4000 IU a day
“I take this amount daily.
Will reduce it in summertime”
-also 100 micrograms K2
“This is a small study, since
huge funding,
by pharmaceuticals
won’t happen with this vitamin”

-24 of 44 subjects showed
[lower score means prostate
cancer cells less out of control] Vitamin D decreases this score!
of supplementing D
at these levels


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