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JOHN CAMPBELL B | Fight virus: vitamin D3: 4k to 10k IU/day K2: 200 micrograms Zinc: 25 to 40 mg
presents episode 863 | Dr John Campbell
Dr John Campbell podcast

Question: What dose vitamin D?
-it is actually a steroid hormone
-has affects all over the body
-5k to 10k IU a day interacts with
1200 genes
-safe at very high levels
[studies: 50k IU/day No adverse effects] -often recommend 4k, if normal health
-test blood levels, in sunny Israel, often
below 20, or even below 10
-ideally want to be: 50 to 100 ng/mL

Concoction of things to take for virus…
-extremely safe
-could still get vaccinated
-as first line of defense, this
deals with immune system
Also: zinc
-25 mg a day OK [up to 40 OK] [above 40 can affect copper] Vitamin D
-overweight, may need 10k
Vitamin K2
-200 micrograms a day


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