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JOHN CAMPBELL b | Doctor-patient relationship DESTROYED by CENTRAL PLANNING
presents episode 998 | Dr John Campbell
Dr John Campbell podcast

Dr Robert Clancy,
“I have acted upon 2 principles
1-Integrity of doctor-patient relationship
Lots of discussion with patients &
collectively make a decision
“This is completely out the window now”
We are told, both patient & doctor:
‘this is how it is going to be’
Had to tell them: stay home until cannot
breathe…then come in
“First time in 50 years this has happened”

Doctor-patient relationship was distorted
by misinformation in the media…
-we weren’t being told the truth
-yet, the truth was there…
-we knew vaccines were not going to
work very well
-knew about the side effects at end 2020
Now, moving decision-making process
from country-level to WHO:
doctor-patient relationship may never
be repaired

Principle #2: science-based medicine…
-not just randomized, control trials
-but, each patient different than the
average in a study or textbook
Every patient has different background;
different conditioning factors; different
life strategies
-need to look at the process of disease
-especially rare immunological ones
I work with
-must work with patient on what approach
makes logical sense


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