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JOHN CAMPBELL A | Israel studies show HIGH VITAMIN D patients had LOW SYMPTOMS
presents episode 861 | Dr John Campbell
Dr John Campbell podcast

Dr Michael Cohen, Israel,
had covid in Feb 2020, took
antibiotic, better in 24 hours.
Within a month began having
chocking sensations, and other
-fitness dramatically reduced
-fast heart beat
-could not sleep
-neuritis in arm
Treated self with vitamins and
hydroxychloroquine: better in time

Observed that covid had patterns
around world: those with darker
skin had much higher rates of symptoms
-doctors who were working indoors
-darker skin, vitamin D deficient?
Also: those living in lower latitudes
were much lower in symptoms
I started taking high doses of vitamin D
and told each of my patients to do same

My clinic has 2000+ patients…
-as many as possible, told to take
high doses of vitamin D;
-also vitamin K2 and zinc
If develop viral symptoms, increase
zinc dose
Have had quite a few patients with covid
-a handful went to emergency dept
-not one patient admitted into hospital
Last year, studies showed those getting
extremely sick were D deficient
-those high in D were not getting sick


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