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presents episode 997 | Dr John Campbell
Dr John Campbell podcast

These lipid nano-particles carrying the
RNA: injected into arm,
-distributed throughout body
-blood vessels in myocardium &
coronary arteries & capillaries &

Circulate through heart & will join in
with endotheliel cells
-takes over cell’s protein-producing
-causes cells to excrete foreign,
synthesized spike protein to surface
-causing inflammatory immune response
-cytotoxic T cells destroy the cells,
causing inflammation in the heart

This process applies everywhere…
Why worry so much about the
myocarditis & pericarditis side effects?
1-if heart stops working, it is obvious
2-can measure triponins
[easily tested cardiac marker] In other organs it is harder to see

Dr Gad Saad asks Dr Paul Offit:
Is there problematic link between mRNA
vaccine and heart inflammation?
-Yes. Link with myocarditis & pericarditis
-don’t know why
-may be that the spike proteim mimics one
of the proteins on heart muscle cells
-heavy chain of actin
Therefore, when
-making immune response to spike protein,
-making it to heart muscle


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