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JOHN CAMPBELL | 6 studies: boys 16 to 24 yrs: 90% of MYOCARDITIS comes after 2nd shot!
presents episode 1031 | Dr John Campbell
John Campbell podcast

Dr Campbell: Moderna paid NIH $400m recently…
-Sen Rand Paul asks the
CEO about it…
Q: does this create a
conflict of interest?
CEO: We paid it for a patent
we received a few years ago…
It is for the government to

Higher incidence of myocarditis among males 16 – 24
after taking the vaccine?
CEO: no, the data from CDC
shows there is less for those
vaccinated than for those
who get the infection.
Rand Paul: that is not true.
Here are 6 peer-reviewed
papers that say the opposite
of you.
Also, your president said
the incidence is higher among those vaccinated.

PauL: scientifically sound to mandate 3 shots for boys?
CEO: up to government…
Paul: you have been
advocating for boosters!
“Your president said, yes, let’s discuss
whether to have 1, 2, or 3 shots”
-90% of myocarditis comes after
second dose!
-Dr McCary says have just 1 shot


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