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John Campbell

Unexplained bleeding
-blood in urine always abnormal
exception: during periods
-but, don’t assume
-check again in 2 weeks
Frank blood: it is obvious
Occult blood: hidden
[could be invisible to eye; or
changed or altered] -simple to get nurse/dr to test

Unexplained bleeding
-vomiting blood
if from tears in throat, stomach
then not cancer
-in sputum [mucous coughed up] could be TB or lung cancer
Get It Checked
-blood in stools
typically dark, tarry
if from anus, could be Frank
-if from upper body, dark &
smelly…could be from tumor

Unexplained bleeding
-vaginal bleeding between
periods; after sex; or
-small amounts: get checked
-from nose if persistent
could be pre-malignant polyp
[like in colon; if over 60, check
for occult blood in stool] polyps can become malignant


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