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JOHN CAMPBELL 3 | PATIENTS on D3: 10k IU for 16 months: PLATEAUED AT 100 ng/mL
presents episode 832 | Dr John Campbell
Dr John Campbell podcast

Parathyroid hormone [PTH] [released in response to low
calcium] -D3 users: 24 pg/ml
-non D3: 30 [needed more due
to low calcium levels]

-long term use of D3 in doses
from 5k to 50k a day: SAFE
“DAILY D3, 5k to 60k IU,
for several years,
by patients & staff

Mean 250HD3 blood levels
takes about 12 months to
plateau on 5k IU a day
& 10k IU a day
Blood 250HD3 went up for a full
year…”so slow that it took a year
for the levels to get to right level”

Patients on 10k IU at 12 months:
96 ng/ml
-at 16 months: 97 [plateau] “All with NO ADVERSE EFFECTS”
[current guidelines say:
100 is normal upper limit] “Health authorities should raise
upper limit of vitamin D levels”
-Dr Campbell takes:
-8k IU a day D3
-200 micrograms K2

This research performed
“When are we going to start using
inexpensive preparations when
there is evidence of efficacy?”
“Why aren’t governments changing
their recommendations with this
and other compelling evidence?”

“It is obvious why corporate
interests are not promoting this,
no money”


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