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JOHN CAMPBELL 3 | CANCER? Lumps: hard & not easily moved
presents episode 872 | Dr John Campbell
Dr John Campbell podcast

Remember, in vast majority of
cases, a simple check by nurse
or doctor will suffice…
Changes in bladder emptying
-LUTS [enlarged prostate] frequency, difficulty urinating
desiring to frequently

Thickening of tissue or lump
-usually not cancer
typically cancerous lumps feel
hard, fixed in tissue–hard to
move between finger & thumb
-benign tumors can be moved,
not as hard
But, get any lump checked out

-one testicle becomes heavier
best checked after hot bath
cancer most common in
young men [20s to 30s] Breast
-awareness & self-checking
well known
Lymph nodes
-under armpits; top of groin;
if swollen, might be infected


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