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JOHN CAMPBELL 2 | CANCER? bruising; sudden changes in digestion functions
presents episode 871 | Dr John Campbell
Dr John Campbell podcast

Unexplained bruising
[bleeding from capillaries] -starts black & blue,
turns yellow
[pus, mucous or clear] -indicates infection
-tumor alters structure of organ
so, cannot clear out mucous
Chronic cough
Pus from urethra, nipple, vagina

Changes in bowel or bladder…
-defecation frequency,
constipation, diarrhea
-shape, color, mucous
dark or
light [pancreas trouble] Simple blood test to check
-floaty: [pancreatic enzymes] -dark urine: bile not into gut
-abnormal swelling; bloating
-persistent heartburn, indigestion
if new or sudden change


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