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JOEL GOULD J | Dentist DEDICATES LIFE to teaching KIDS about vitamins D3, A, K2, E w/ CARTOONS
presents episode 889 | DrJoel Gould interview

Vitamins D3, K2, A, E is information
Dr Weston Price make available to the
90 years ago!!
“Because my dentists & doctors did not
have this information, I suffered for
decades with long face syndrome”
-the buck stops with me
-when I regained my life I decided to

People are waking up to the fact of
how they are being manipulated by
giant corporations, associations, and
-kids will understand the science
because I have created characters
to represent key enzymes, minerals,
vitamins, organelles, etc.
My characters, called Heroes of Light,
are heroes to follow!

If child spends time in this paradigm…
-they will play the games, face the
challenges, like other games
-but will learn
-the electron transport chain
-how enzymes put things together
Now, at end of 33 year dental career
-Sharing this information
-Most important thing I will ever do
-consider children dying from cancer,
yes, it is extremely related to low D
-allows it to progress

Created, with 2 artists, the
Heroes of Light
Team of Terror
characters, and others
vitamins, minerals, enzymes…


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