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JOEL GOULD G | CANCER CAUSES: squamous & basal cell carcinoma too much sun Melanoma: LACK OF SUN
presents episode 886 | DrJoel Gould interview

With child having low D symptoms…
-start with 6000 IU plus K2
-also get into the sunlight
No studies done, but
“I believed even if you got D up to
100 in bloodstream, then into the
sunlight, you would be protected.
Mother Nature would not keep
making vitamin D through the
-kids in midday sun for a few minutes
without sunscreen…will be fine

Protect face if in sun for long time…
-titanium oxide or zinc oxide are ok
-mineral sunscreen that looks
white and pasty
-use non nanoparticle
-NO oxybenzone
“if you would not put it in your
-rather than this chemical spray,
wear long sleeves or stay out of sun
-mineral sunscreens are okay

Sun glasses…
-don’t wear them outside walking
-eyes tell you time of year, day
-signals to produce melanin in cells
-with sun glasses, blocks eye from
knowing this
-Dr Jack Kruse is a fan of melanin
-enables getting rid of some toxins
If dermatologist says “no tan is safe”
-Mother Nature doesn’t make mistakes”

3 types of skin cancer…
-squamous cell carcinoma
-basal cell carcinoma
-melanoma [the BAD ONE] -we get first 2 on head, lips, etc.
-get melanoma behind elbow,
behind knee, etc.
Melanoma is due to D deficiency!

Studies show…
-people working outdoors
have lower rate of melanoma
-if sun caused melanoma, we would
see it on head, nose, lips
Bruxism & snoring caused by low D
-if given D, these go away…
-if taken D away, these come back
No one [big pharma, CDC, NIH…] will pay for a big study
-must use common sense


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