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presents episode 885 | DrJoel Gould interview

Recurrent swollen tonsils or
ear infections…
-vitamin D deficient
-bacteria coming up into eustachian
Example: 12 y. o. girl
-tonsil infections for many years
-recommended to remove tonsils
-put on vitamin D regimen
-shrunk down, never bothered again

May not work for every child, but
before surgery, why not get D up
to needed levels for 6 months…
The root cause is likely low D
Question: how low was girl?
-below 20
“Your doctor, if at 21, will say that
is okay”
Normal was 30 to 100; now 20 – 50
-due to AI on total population!
-no study to support this change

If above 30, probably not sick…
-if 30-35: maybe bruxism
-if 20 & below: problems
-20 to 30: anxiety, depression
“My D levels are okay to my doctor”

Case part 2: 12 y. o. girl
with severe tonsil problems.
What was the dose for her?
“A standard dose vitamin D3 is
1000 IU per 25 pounds [11 kg]”
-4000 IU per 100 pounds
But, need to start with loading dose
[if over 18, max daily is 20k IU] -that is same as sunbathing
-above 20k IU turns into Lumisterol
-Loading dose max is 20k IU short term
[actually safe even up to 100k]


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