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JOEL GOULD E | Kids before 7: avoid NARROW AIRWAYS! Need D3 & K2
presents episode 884 | DrJoel Gould interview

Step 1: Can’t breathe thru nose
Step 2: improper night breathing
Step 3: not enough calcium to
bulid jaw & teeth
Step 4: very narrow airway
Called Pediatric Sleep Apnea

Caused by LOW D3 & K2
-child obese? chronically low D
[body is stuck in permanent winter] -normal to cycle summer / winter

This syndrome is very common…
-these are kids who will need
-braces twice
-have wisdom teeth out
Today, dentists will try to
“I was one of those kids.
It was not so common in those days
My mother likely was low in D
My older brother was very healthy
-moms not tested for D

Moms: 3rd trimester symptoms…
-weight gain; snoring; heartburn;
back pain:
All D deficiencies
-post partum depression?
-inability to lose baby weight?
100% vitamin D deficiency

As kids grow, if have enough
D3 and K2…that will prevent this
7 year-old with collapsed palate:
vitamin D will not fix it
[will need palate expansion help]

K2 has: MK7 & MK4
-MK7 is common, but
-MK4: able to cross placenta barrier
“That is best for pregnant mother”
Best from organic meat &
grass fed dairy
“If need to supplement, if pregnant,
go with MK4”


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