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JOEL GOULD D | Kids MOUTH BREATHING:-lose nitric oxide; no humidity; no filtering!
presents episode 883 | DrJoel Gould interview

Low D = poor immune system…
-immune system needed to fight
-viruses, fungus, bacteria
-kids get colds, flu, colds, etc
-antibiotics destroys microbiome
-tooth decay [in spite of brushing] -eczema, psoriasis, asthma
[still not on radar of most

so, kids stop nose breathing…
-keeps calcium from getting into
teeth and bones
-should build vitamin D up in
summer, then
-use it up in winter

calcium comes in through D,
into blood
-must be taken into bones/teeth
K2 is cofactor for enzymes that
manage calcium
-osteocalcin &
-MGP [matrix GLA protein] -without K2: unactivated!
-calcium improperly placed into
nasal septum–prevents nose breathing
-no calcium to grow lower jaw

“I was victim of this!
Don’t have 2nd molars
Lower jaw never grew
I had long face syndrome”
If kid is 6, 7, 8:
-must to palate expansion
-it is D3 and K2 deficiency

If D3 and K2 adequate…
-palate will be wide
-broader arches, room for 32 teeth
-micronathia [small mouth] RUINS BREATHING CIRCULATION
-lose nitric oxide, no filtering of air
Test for mouth breathing
-ask child: close and swallow
If: stick their tongue forward to
close gap in front teeth
shows how they are breathing


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