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JOEL GOULD C | Kids low in D3? gut, mouth, lung microbiome gets infected with fungus
presents episode 882 | DrJoel Gould interview

Dr Price showed:
-parents [ancestral diet] had
healthy teeth & great health
-kids [western diet] had poor
teeth and health
[western diet included cereal…
Post added sugar vs Kellogg]

Kids should chew real, natural
but, it was low vitamin D3 & K2
that led to destruction of teeth
in one generation
-no room for 32 teeth
-crowding & narrow arches
-tooth decay
-gum disease
An epidemic at that time

There were many cultural
changes happening…
-tribes people were putting on
clothing, getting out of sun
-combination of grains &
lack of sunlight was problem
Example: TB is bacterial skin &
lung infection
-prior to antibiotics, cure was
lying in the sun
-this cure went away with big

“I want my patients to have
high vitamin D…even if need to
take supplement.
As good as natural D from sun?
No. but good in a pinch”
-supplement D3 is great entry
point to see how much better
you will feel
-perhaps will prompt to get in sun

Vitamin D from sunlight is
attached to sulfer…
[Dr Gould’s cartoon character
“Sulfated Vitamin D”] -when sulfated allows body to
transport vitamin D into blood
Example: neurotransmitter,
once sulfated, transported to
where it needs to go

“When I say vitamin D, think:
Until recently, could only get it
from cod liver oil, or sun”
-before 1980s, we were NOT

Because vitamin D is profound
activator of immune system…
when kids are low:
-gut, lung, mouth microbiome
changes: allows bad species of
bacteria to grow:
We Don’t Want that!
In gut: Candida or fungus
causes SIBO [small intestine
bacterial overgrowth] Root Cause: low D!


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