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JOEL GOULD B | Kids: allergies, flu, colds, asthma? 80% quick recovery: VITAMIN D
presents episode 879 | DrJoel Gould interview

Why are today’s kids low on D?
-computer, game time
-foods prevent activation of D
Low D:
-bruxism & snoring
-thumb & finger sucking
-bed wetting

“I was one of these kids…
-suffered rashes
-fussy eater
-constant crying
As symptoms progress:
-began having dental decay
-pediatric gum disease
“especially darker skin needs

Swollen tonsils…
-allergies, colds, flu, asthma
these are symptoms of
Pediatricians Blight
“My audience is kids & parents!”
-use cartoons to make points”
Called: Long Face Syndrome
-first place health goes wrong
-80% will QUICKLY improve
with higher vitamin D

20% will need extra attention…
-may have genetic issues
This syndrome is environmental
identified by Canadian dentist:
Dr Weston A Price
-visited traditional tribes who
-1930’s western peoples had
serious dental diseases

Dr Price discovered 2 substances
that were given to younger
couples planning to have kids…
-vitamin D3 and K2
Naturally in
-butter fat
-milk & meat of grassfed animals
-cod liver oil
“From pre-conception want mom
& dad to have high D [40 ng/mL] and high K2”


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