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JOEL GOULD A | Parents: kids’ clenching teeth at night? LOW VITAMIN D
presents episode 877 | DrJoel Gould interview

Dr Joel Gould, dentist, Canada…
-worked primarily on children
-considered what was taught
in dental school
-started to see same symptoms
over and over
My story was similar to these
young patients…

Parents, infant challenges:
Failure to sleep:
vitamin D deficiency
Today, most dentists do not
recommend vitamin D!
Tragic because
-we no longer stay outdoors much
-mothers often LOW in D
-are taught to fear the sun
Low D:
-colicy, irritable, skin rashes

Doctors do NOT learn about
vitamin D in med school…
-do not test for levels
As child gets a little older:
Symptoms to look for
1. bruxism
[clenching/grinding teeth] doctors don’t know cause
“Child will NOT GROW OUT of it”
In children & adults
Not caused by stress

Bruxism is neurological condition
-short circuit in brain’s
sleep & breathing center
-signal to get paralyzed, to
breathe & swallow
-instead: choking, snoring &
grinding teeth
Can be day or night
-adult-normal to grind at night
grind in day: extremely low in D
Get more D [will increase B’s] Get more sunlight [D is proxy for sun]


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