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JOEL GOULD 5 | Parents STOP DOUSING KIDS IN SUNSCREEN: blocks burn signal nanoparticles toxic
presents episode 851 | DrJoel Gould
Mark Bell Power Project podcast

Vitamin D supplementation & body fat
-it will not just store in fat, but
-it will diffuse everywhere in body,
so, more body fat, need more D
“Overweight people, at gym, are trying
to exercise to lose weight, but
have been given all wrong instructions”
-if vitamin D level is low, body is in
survival mode: will NOT BURN FAT
-you have too little vitamin D

Must have evolutionary [hunter] levels of vitamin D
-microbiome DNA outnumbers our own
by 99%
-having the right microbiome is critical
-for sleep & avoid chronic disease

Sauna & red light therapy good…
-all help mitochondria
-which provides power for the body
Vitamin D is like a FUEL
We need:
-air to breathe
-food to eat
-water to drink
-sunlight with vitamin D for fuel

Take kids to beach and spray them
with sunscreen…
Bad news: nanoparticles
[60% of everything put on skin is
absorbed into body] -if you would not eat it,
don’t put on skin
“Sunscreen is DANGEROUS”
-gives false sense of safety

UVB creates vitamin D;
-causes sunburn;
-gives tan
Only available when sun is high enough
to break through atmosphere
UVA penetrates deeply into body
-only partially blocked by sunscreen
Sunscreen blocks vitamin D production,
still getting damage,
body thinks it is winter
“I had one squamous cell…low in vitamin D”

With sunscreen on…
-getting burned is a signal to
Hunters were not stupid; they would
get out of the sun
We spray these nanoparticles all over
We don’t even know we are getting
damage from the sun!


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