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JOEL GOULD 4 | SUNLIGHT benefits our skin, gut, lung MICROBIOME
presents episode 848 | DrJoel Gould
Mark Bell Power Project podcast

When you have enough vitamin D,
your DNA is able to copy any genes
it wants to…
Primary thing vitamin D: regulates
gut microbiome
-in ancient times, when D was low, it
was wintertime, so healthier with
different gut microbiome
In summertime, 2 ways to regulate
gut microbiome
Need vitamin D above 50, always

D levels drop quickly with sleep apnea,
and not supplementing high dose…
skin microbiome is regulated with
vitamin D: has
-anti-microbial cathelicidin
[peptides dictate type of bacteria] -these are anti-viral; anti-bacteria
In lungs, nose, skin, gut
Raising vitamin D level completely
changes microbiome elements

Staying out of the sun is dangerous,
but, can’t just fry in the sun…
Analogy: don’t bench press 300#
in first visit to gym
-have to start slow, learn as you go
“If we lived like anciently, we would be
in the sun all the time, eating only
natural foods: meat and seafood
Outside in springtime, then gradually
get more tanned

Today, we live in boxes, like cages…
-not just vitamin D, but all other
elements we have cut selves off from
“That is why my book is called:
the Modern Epidemic. We have cut
ourselves off from our natural habitat”


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