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JEFF VOLEK a | Adipose to brain fuel…ketone pathway found 50 years ago!
presents episode 940 | Dr Jeff Volek
Biohacker Summit

Dr Jeff Volek, Ohio State Univ…
Ketones are designed to fuel our brain
-we store fuel in adipose tissue
-brain cannot use fat in that form
-break down adipose tissue
-release fatty acids at high rate
-taken up by liver, exceeding capacity
Pathway to convert into ketones
-liver breaks into smaller molecules
-beta hydroxybutyrate

These ketones provide stable fuel
source for brain…
-once taken up, oxidized
-converted back to Acetyl-CoA
-generate ATP
George Cahill, Harvard studied this
pathway 50 years ago
-if consume carbs for energy
-brain depends on glucose as fuel
-needs 150g a day
Brain can extract 2/3 energy
from ketones

“This metabolic information has been
available, but not taught to healthcare
In ketosis review, concentrations matter…
-we all produce ketones, but when
eating carbs, amount is ultra low
When restricting carbs [below 50g a day] -ketone pathway kicks into gear
-will increase production by 10x or more
[from .1 Mmol to 1, or 3, 4…] That is called nutritional ketosis

Nutrtional ketosis is an order
of magnitude higher than when
in carb-fed state
it is an order of magnitude LOWER
than ketoacidosis [dangerous]


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