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JAY WRIGLEY 4 | EAT SATIATING FOODS… pleasurable, NO HUNGER, gets you leaner!
presents episode 411 | Dr Jay Wrigley
Revero podcast with Dr Shawn Baker

The key to losing fat is to eat until you are full, then stop…
-but when eating McDonald’s meals, that is a real problem
-what people can do is eat a diet that is satiating for a period of time
~like Dr Baker’s animal-based foods diet
-thus having nutrient-dense foods that will balance the
ghrelin (hunger-driving hormone) and
leptin (hunger-limiting hormone)
-and production of ketones from burning
your own body fat

We don’t have a model that shows people:
-can eat foods that are satiating
-pleasurable to eat
-gets you leaner
-still a majority of the medical community who still believe that:
“The whole problem is that you
-don’t exercise and you
-eat too many calories”

Question: Which progesterone cream do you recommend?
-Progonol, by Bezwecken

Question: Fasting for perimenopause or post-menopause?
-if you push your body into situation where cholesterol is low
-this will spike cortisol from adrenal glands
-and, if your adrendals are already
compromised you will not get benefits
from fasting

Fasting for middle-aged women…
-I recommend only fasting up to 36 hours, twice a month
-maybe once a week do a 24 hour fast (OMAD one meal a day)
“I see a lot of women, doing 72 hour fasting and I think
it does more harm than good”


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