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JAY WRIGLEY 3 | WOMEN OVER 42: MUST do strength training…get as strong as you can!
presents episode 410 | Dr Jay Wrigley
Revero podcast with Dr Shawn Baker

I don’t think that people, who eat a higher protein diet, then show up…
-with higher morning glucose readings is problematic at all
-it means that your glucagon mechanism is working
-the higher protein that you are eating is releasing glucagon
-which tells your liver to dump stored-glycogen
-which is what you want to be happening!
‘I keep waking up with 130 glucose;
but after eating and throughout the day
it is down to 100 to 110’

So, what is the problem? how dangerous is this?
-not dangerous at all
-it means your hormones are working for you
-especially glucagon is doing a good job

Dr Wrigley question to Dr Baker:
-Is a low fasting insulin more important that what your blood
glucose is doing on an hourly basis?
Dr Baker:
-we know that morning fasting insulin is variable (7, 3, 12…)
-Dr Jason Fung says it is variable day to day
-our glucose levels change very often too
-maybe the focus should be on
~maintaining lean mass and function
-other things can be mentally exhausting

Dr Baker Question: would you recommend women to lift weights?
-across the board, I would say yes
-but, especially women above 42 years, it is imperative
-biggest risk factors,
due to declining estrogen, progesterone & testosterone, are:
~losing muscle mass
~that will drop the metabolic rate
~harder to stay lean
~direct effect on the nervous system

My recommendation for women above 42 years:
-do what you want with cardio, but you really need to:
~do strength training
~make yourself as strong as you can
~that will balance out so many things and
~remove so many risk factors


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